How to write a name in the sand of the beach online


Photofunia photo montage site once again provides a fun effect for you. This time, the site made available a beautiful montage model that consists of writing any word in the sand of the beach. Yes, that’s right, writing your name in the sand of the beach online. It’s true that nothing compares to the thrill of being on a beach breathing fresh sea air and touching the water.

The idea of creating an effect like this is nothing more than allowing you to honor or simply have fun with your love or friend writing a phrase or the person’s name in the sand to have fun and have a good laugh.


Photo montage written in the beach sand online

The Effect is very simple and beautiful, you can create it in less than 2 minutes, save and share it on social networks like Facebook or Google+. Above, you saw a simple montage that we prepared using the effect available on the website. Then follow the video lesson and have fun creating your own photo montage online.

As we already know, the Photofunia website is very practical and simple to use, basically all you have to do is access the template page: in the “Text” field type the name you want printed in the sand. Right after that, click on the “GO” button and wait for the site to generate your image. To access the model page, consider clicking the button below:

After accessing the available model page, follow the instructions in the video lesson below to learn how to create your image online, save it to your computer and share it on your social networks. Check out the video lesson below:

Discover more models

The Photofunia website, with each new model, surprises us with so much creativity and quality of its effects. With the help of this editor you can make creative photo montages with your photographs. See also the best programs to write in photos.

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